Home YRYS : a concentrate of innovations “made in France”

Five years after having launched the house of 2020, the group Maisons France Confort (MFC) is unveiling a new concept of home also avant-garde : YRYS. Developed a new time in partnership with a strong network of partners, it puts the emphasis on modularity, accessibility, connectivity and comfort, while using technical innovative construction including 3D printing. Discovery.
This cogitate, it is bubbly but mostly it anticipates within the R&D teams of the Maisons France Confort (MFC). Five years after launching its house concept 2020, a single house or positive energy is particularly innovative for the time, the n°1 of the builders of individual houses in France is back on the front of the stage with another “concept house” also avant-garde.


Baptized YRYS, it revolves around concepts such as modularity, accessibility, connectivity and comfort. “Concepts already present in the first project but not developed as much as they will be this time,” specifies Loïc Vandromme, director of marketing and communication of the group.


To successfully combine its different aspects in a same house, the MFC is surrounded, as usual, a strong network of partners* who have agreed to deliver to him the exclusive on their latest innovations. Not less than fifty completely new products should integrate the house. Among them : many of the technical solutions has never yet been implemented on a construction site of a detached house… enough To arouse the curiosity and interest.


* Alkern – Atlantic – Bastide Bondoux – Bosch Appliances – BMW – Crédit Foncier – EDF – Grohe – Invicta – Lafarge – Rector – the Saint-Gobain Group, including Isover, Joinery, French saint-gobain glassolutions, Wallboard, Weber – Schneider Electric – Soprema – Velux.


Note : the house will be built in the town of Alençon, in Normandy, on the site housing the headquarters history of the group. The launch of the site is scheduled for a little before the summer of 2017 and the anticipated delivery date a year later.


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