Highway Railway Alpine : the consultation for the concession is launched

A public call to european competition has been launched at the beginning of the month of August for the concession of the Highway Railway Alpine. This service of transport trucks on freight cars special, between France and Italy, had been established in 2003 and was operated by a subsidiary of the SNCF and Trenitalia.
The ministers of Transportation, Elizabeth Bollard (France), and Graziano Delrio (Italy), jointly launched the consultation for the concession of the service of
Highway Railway Alpine, 1st August 2017. A public call to european competition is, according to the two officials, “a further step in the cooperation between France and Italy” and “confirms the commitment of the States to promote the modal shift in the alpine region” in perpetuating and strengthening the service of transport of trucks on trains.
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Highway Railway Alpine was born a result of the fire in the road tunnel of Mont-Blanc, in 1999. The two countries had decided to create an experimental line, which was inaugurated in November 2003, relying on grants until 2006, the year in which the deficit of the early days had given way to accounts to the balance. The current director, Autostrada ferroviaria alpina, a joint subsidiary of SNCF and Trenitalia, will have to give up his position or make an offer judged to be competitive.


175 km in three hours, without fatigue for the driver


Recall that this rail link 175 km, connects the valley of the Maurienne (Savoie) on the outskirts of Turin. From two platforms, transshipment, trucks are loaded on special wagons Lohr, of type lowered with wheels of standard diameter and platforms swivel, allowing you to load run-complete or trailers only. Four round trips are offered every day, truck drivers traveling in a car Coral specially equipped with catering service, a trip of about 3 hours.
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Originally, only the tank trucks could borrow the line, because of template problems, but the widening of the Fréjus tunnel have led to the lifting of this limit in 2007. Attendance reached a peak in 2010, with 25,000 heavy vehicles transported annually, with a significant share of dangerous cargo (43 % of the traffic). Two special trains provide all the links, consisting of 11 cars double.


In order to boost the multimodal transport services, essential to the postponement of the trucks to the rail, the two governments intend to so concede its operation for a period of 10 years.

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