Hervé Le Bouc, CEO of Colas

Hervé Le Bouc has been CEO since 2007 of the Colas group, which presents itself as the ” world leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure “. Subsidiary of the Bouygues group since 2000, Colas has achieved in 2016 a turnover of 11 billion euros (-8 %, it was still 13 billion in 2012), but its result is increase of 12 % to 386 million euros. It has about 55 000 employees. Before taking the reins of the group Colas, Hervé Le Bouc, born in 1952, had spent all his career with the Screg (future subsidiary of Colas), and then to Bouygues which it was the same director until 2017.
He started as an engineer in the field before becoming manager. In this period of change, his credo is to” imagine the mobility of tomorrow and build “, otherwise said, to balance innovation and implementation of new projects.


Professional career

– 2007 : administrator and CEO of Colas.
– 2005 : CEO of Saur.
– 2002 : director-general of Saur (a subsidiary of water treatment plant Bouygues sold in 2004).
– 2001 : deputy managing director of Bouygues Construction, chairman of the board of Bouygues Offshore and chairman of the board of ETDE (now Bouygues Energies & Services).
– 1999 : chairman and ceo of Bouygues Offshore.
– 1994 : deputy director general of Bouygues Offshore (a subsidiary of maritime works and oil and Bouygues, which was sold to Saipem in may 2002).
– 1985 : director attached to the president and ceo of Screg.
– 1977 : joined Screg (Île-de-France), future subsidiary of Colas, as engineer. And then area manager and branch manager.


The major projects of his career

Man of the field, Hervé Le Bouc was first an engineer before to gradually climb the ranks and earn his stripes as a manager. It started within a company specialized in the landscaping of the roads (SCREG) and now manages a staff of the same sector, but in the meantime, he has varied his experiences and gained expertise in the subsidiaries, off-shore and “energy” Bouygues that it is restored before their assignment.


If Colas are faced with a decline in hoped temporary activity, Hervé Le Bouc continues to try to stimulate a positive dynamic. He is anxious not to “miss” the shift of the transition energy. “Colas provides answers to the issues present and the future of mobility, in a context of increasing urbanization, energy transition and digital revolution,” explains the CEO on the group’s website. Thus, Colas develops paved roads with photovoltaic panels or sensors. While comes to be laid in June 2017, the first stone of the future headquarters of the group in Issy-les-Moulineaux, Colas can boast of having won the market to the site of the modernization of the tracks of the RER line A between the stations Nanterre-Prefecture and in Vincennes (in a project which will last 7 years).


Under his leadership, Cola has become a major player in the sponsorship of humanitarian and cultural. “When is the world leader in road… when one implants of the road infrastructure to big blows of works in almost every country in the world, you can’t simply transform a landscape ; we must also participate in the construction of better living conditions for all peoples,” he told The Tribune in 2014.



– 1977 : graduate of the special School of public works.

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