Here is what it will look like the future train station of the Grand Paris, Villejuif-Louis-Aragon

THE STATION OF THE WEEK. Batiactu offers you to discover each week one of the 68 stations of the Grand Paris Express. Check out the third station, that of Villejuif Louis Aragon (Val-de-Marne), designed on the line 15 by the architect-urbanist Philippe Gazeau. Its uniqueness ? The great hall window to see the depths of the station from the street.
After the second railway station in le Bourget, Seine-Saint-Denis, dedicated to Elizabeth de Portzamparc, the third meeting devoted to the 68 future stations of the Grand Paris concerning the Villejuif-Louis-Aragon (Val-de-Marne), designed by the architect-urbanist Philippe Gazeau on line 15. The work of this site in correspondence with the line 7 of the metro and the tram T7 will be plunged to 29 meters under the earth in the context of a delivery in 2022.


Since April 5, 2017, and until next December, architects and planners have made the bet to disclose once a month at the House of architecture in Ile-de-France at the Récollets in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, all the stations of the future metro express of Grand Paris.


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A result of this series next week with the future train station of Bondy (Seine-Saint-Denis) carried on the line 15 Is by the architect Ludovica Di Falco of the agency SCAPE.

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