Heike Faulhammer appointed as director R&D of LafargeHolcim

The group LafargeHolcim has appointed Heike Faulhammer, at the head of its Research and development department.
Heike Faulhammer was taken, on July 1, 2017, its nouvelels functions, those of director of Research and development within the group LafargeHolcim. It will work in the global center of R&D the group’s cement plant located near Lyons. With 200 engineers and technicians of more than 20 nationalities, the centre aims to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of the construction sector.


Aged fifty years, Heike Faulhammer comes from the company Arkema, a French leader of the chemistry, where she worked for 20 years in duties related to the research, production and development of product innovations as well as in sustainable development. It has, in particular, was the director of the global centre for research and development of Arkema, located in Lacq, in the South-West of France. Heike Faulhammer is a graduate of the university of Freiburg, Germany, and holds a PhD in Chemistry.

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