Heat wave : the precautions to be taken in the CONSTRUCTION industry

Business leaders in the CONSTRUCTION industry are required to comply with certain rules on their sites in the event of a heat spike, as is currently the case. What are they ?
In this period of extreme heat, it is not useless to remember the good gestures to adopt in order to cope with the high temperatures.


The ministry of Labour has published the measures to adopt in case of extreme heat, particularly in the CONSTRUCTION sector. It sets out the main recommendations, which are contained in the decree n° 2008-1382 of 19 December 2008 on the protection of workers exposed to particular climatic conditions. Purpose : to reduce accidents in the workplace.


Thus, on construction sites, the head of the company is required to ” make available to workers a local rest adapted to the climatic conditions or develop the site in a way that permit theorganization of breaks in terms of security equivalent “. He must also, if necessary, be sure to arrange work schedules (start of activity morning, suppression of the teams in the afternoon…), inform all workers potentially exposed to the risks of the means of prevention, signs and symptoms of heat stroke.
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The employer must, in addition, ” review of the organization’s work to reduce the rates, if necessary, to minimise the manual handling of loads “. It must ensure that the port of the PPE is compatible with the high temperatures, but also to evacuate the premises with air conditioning if the inside temperature reaches or exceeds 34°C in the case of default, be extended by the renewal air (recommendation CNAM R. 226).


For his part, the employee will make the necessary breaks, do not expose yourself directly to the sun during the hottest hours, to avoid the use of certain chemicals (paints, solvents, etc.). Some trades, such as roofers, have a higher risk linked to the increase of heat due to reflective surfaces on the roofs. And, of course, think to hydrate enough

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