Heat wave : face on the construction sites of BTP

France has just been hit by a wave of heat that requires you to put in place certain preventive measures. The plan heatwave 2017 just remember the precautions to take.
Heat wave : a national plan 2017

Since the heat wave exceptional in 2003, a national action plan is developed every year in order to anticipate the arrival of a strong heat, and to define the actions to implement, particularly by employers.


The risk of taking a hit of heat exists in all companies. It is, however, compounded in the case of work on a construction site (exposure to the temperature outside, demanding physical work, etc) and for some employees (pathologies cardio-respiratory, insufficiency of consumption of water, etc).


You can download the plan in 2017 :


Plan heat wave 2017


Heat wave : preventive measures


You must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of your employees (labour Code, article L. 4121-1).


For this purpose, it is necessary to assess the risk of heat related to the atmospheres thermal and integrate it in your single document of risk assessment. If you are not yet with a single document, or you need to update it, with the help of our documentation, ” professional risk Assessment and Unique Document in the CONSTRUCTION industry “.


It is also necessary to :
– establish an action plan for the prevention of this risk ;
– provide for the installation of a local or amenities of the site relevant to accommodate personnel working on the site during temporary interruption of their activity ;
– check that the wearing of personal protective equipment is compatible with the high temperatures.


The CHSCT and employee representatives, if you have any, must be informed and consulted on the recommendations to be implemented in the event of exposure to strong heat


Heat wave : the actions to take when the temperatures rise


The labour Code requires you to provide workers with drinking water and fresh (C. trav., item A. 4225-2) : at least 3 liters of water per day for every worker on a construction site (C. trav., item A. 4534-143).


The positions of outside work must be arranged so that workers are protected, to the extent possible, against the atmospheric conditions (C. trav., item A. 4225-1). For this purpose, you must for example provide shadow, shelter, or even a conditioned space.


Some good practices can be adopted :
– adapt the working hours to the extent possible (for example by working employees earlier in the morning) ;
– provide additional breaks during the hottest hours ;
remind all employees of the signs and symptoms of strokes of heat (headaches, fatigue, skin hot and dry, etc) using a document prepared by the occupational physician ;
– encourage employees to monitor each other to detect possible symptoms of strokes of heat and you report them.


A toll-free number, ” heat wave info service (0 800 06 66 66), is implemented by the ministry of health.


Anne-Lise Castell


Interministerial Instruction N° DGS/VSS2/DGOS/DGCS/DGT/TSDMB/2017/136 of 24 may 2017 related to the plan the national heat wave 2017


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