Health, victim or the driver of innovation in the construction industry ?

XPAIR. Taking into account the health in the building is often seen as a constraint and not as an opportunity to innovate. Gold, design, construct, and operate buildings so that they are biocompatible impulse of technical improvements. Dr. Suzanne Déoux, Médieco, a specialist in the engineering of health in the context of the built environment, delivers his feeling.
This innovation is designed only as a technological advancement, without the health assessment screening, can have perverse effects in the long-term consequences, human and financial, are likely to be colossal. The positive effects of the precautionary principle are rarely mentioned. However, it stimulates technical evolution or innovation, the search for products or equipment that is safer and encourages the building economy in a more responsible and social.
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The health may not be an option taken into account would after the energy and environmental performance of buildings. It is now recognized as an essential element in the new axes of research and development of the construction industry and in the new approaches to the art of building. It is so true that the “Trophy Building Health Innovations” organized by the Association Building Health More…

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