Health leaders : the stress is the main sore

According to a study, if the general state of health leaders stabilizes, all sectors combined, this is not the case for craftsmen. They are only 6% consider that their health status has improved over the past 5 years. Work-related stress is the main cause of the deterioration of their state of health. Details.
What is the state of health of French leaders ? A study Opinionway for MMA, published April 13, 2017, reveals that, overall, their level of health has not changed compared to that of 2016. Across all sectors, they are still 28% saying that their health status is very good. However, a decrease is to be noted, those of the artisans.


In detail, they were 27% in 2016 and only 21% find it very good in 2017. 69% feel their health status has remained the same over the past 5 years, and 6% that it had improved and 25% deteriorated. A bit better than in 2016, as they were then, 27% to see a degradation. More than one leaders on two (57%) indicate out a bad back and 48% of the joint pain. For 53% of them, these physical disorders are linked to poor physical postures related to their activity, or lack of time to perform all of the duties of their job.


A level of stress down among the artisans


When asked about the reasons for the degradation of their state of health, 58% of leaders are due to work-related stress. A cause particularly to the pointing of the finger by the artisans (61%). Other reasons for this deterioration of their state of health : the lack of moments of decompression and physical activity (15%). However, the stress level seems to have decreased for the artisans, in comparison to the previous year. And in 2016, 61% of the artisans indicated that most days were stressful. In 2017, this percentage dropped to 53% (compared to 56% for all senior executives of SMES across all sectors). The craftsmen are the same 19% say that they are not at all stressful, compared to 12% in 2016. Perhaps this is an effect of the recovery observed in recent months in the construction sector.


Leaders confident about the future


However, although the level of stress seems to have fallen among the artisans, they are more likely to consider that its impact is harmful to their health (75% in 2017, compared to 66% in 2016). In the same way, while fewer craftsmen have been stopped by their doctor, they are more likely to see that it also has an impact on the activity of their business (46% in 2016, to 71% in 2017). Thus, 34% of the artisans believe that their health may have a negative impact on work performance.
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The study Opinionway for MMA also emphasizes that the leaders are still struggling to reconcile personal and professional life. However, we can observe an improvement for the artisans. In 2016, they were 57% to have a hard time reconciling the two as compared to 47% in 2017.


Finally, when asked about their vision for the next three years, 89% of leaders say they are confident about their health for the years to come, and 92% are confident about their personal life, and 84% are optimistic about their professional situation, and 82% for their business activity.

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