Haussmann 2.0, a hackathon to reimagine Paris… yet

And if baron Haussmann had to again turn Bets today, how would it be ? Twenty architecture students have attempted to answer this question, in just 48 hours during a hackathon organized in the framework of the exhibition “Paris Haussmann, model city,” the Pavilion of the Arsenal.
Of young architects in the end of the course could they put on the costume of a baron Haussmann in the 21st century and imagine the capital city of the future ? And how would they respond to the challenge in two days ? Yet it is precisely the time that they have left the organisers of the hackathon “Haussmann 2.0, 48 hours to revolutionize Paris”, held on the sidelines of the exhibition of the Pavillon de l’arsenal.


Hackathon © Haussmann 2.0


In all, 17 student(s)of higher national schools of architecture have been selected(e)s to participate in this intellectual exercise of modeling in 3D the structure of the city, thanks to the video game The Architect by Enodo Games. They are all interested in the various aspects that are sustainability, mobility, societal factors present and the future, or even the uses. Their ideas make the beautiful part to the spectacular, with bridges inhabited structures suspended above the museum of the Louvre or an Eiffel tower transformed into a green island. Five playgrounds were distributed throughout the course of the river Seine, from Morland (the district of the Pavillon de l’arsenal) to arrive at the Eiffel tower, passing by the island of the Cité, the Louvre and all Petit and Grand Palais.
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The event, supported by Schneider Electric and Autodesk, have allowed to reveal the imagination of architects and planners in the grass, and, who knows, to give birth to the vocation of a future heir to the baron Haussmann ?


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