Has Ivry, a migrant centre was imagined in a month

STORY. After the first humanitarian centre in paris at the Door of the Chapel, Batiactu has discovered the second built in four and a half months on the commune of Ivry-sur-Seine. Its architect Valentine Guichardaz – Versini, the Workshop Rita explains his biased social and architectural.
Neighborhoods designed as “villages on a human scale”. Here, in the second humanitarian centre for migrants opened in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), on January 19 last in presence of Emmanuelle Cosse, we are far from the architecture of the site of the Porte de la Chapelle, 18th in Paris designed by the operator Emmaus Solidarity, and the agency, Julien Beller, Architect.


A platform of 4,800 m2


The operation is located along the avenue jean Jaurès in Ivry-sur-Seine and at the junction of the street of the bathing, in the vicinity of Vitry-sur-Seine. The platform of 4,800 m2 has been fully built in four months on stilts, especially within the grip of the old factory of the Waters of Paris of 90.000 m2. A special feature : the platform has been built on top of the filtering basins of the former unit of production of drinking water. A mission that has need to build a raft and piles in less than a month !


“The camp of Grande Synthe has no place in France !”, say the Architects of the Emergency

After the fire that devastated it two days ago, the migrants ‘ camp in Grande Synthe (Region Hauts-de-France), the emergency Architects consider this Thursday in a press release that “the treatment reserved to migrant populations in these camps, which induce unacceptable living conditions, and a stigma permanent, is totally unsuited to the needs of these populations, moreover it is totally opposed to the concept of integration.”


Before you say : “France is not a third world country and there are solutions more adapted and acceptable to cabins that are unsustainable and dangerous to accommodate migrants. The question of the reconstruction of the camp of Grande Synthe must not be a subject of debate, because it is quite possible to consider other solutions, as has been the case for the dismantling of the Calais Jungle.”
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The foundation of emergency Architects was, in fact, already experimented with other possibilities such as land-use and securing of existing buildings and brownfield (industrial or other) to allow the shelter temporarily, but fittingly these people, does it.


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