Has Aubusson, a renovated building in the colors of the tapestry

HARMONIOUS. To renovate the building selected to host the international City of Aubusson tapestry, the mission was two-fold. It was at the same time to promote a heritage, but also the contemporary creation. As much by the layout of exhibition spaces and creations dedicated to the tapestry, that by a façade that pays tribute to them.
The huge building rises on a slope of the valley of the Creuse, in the small town of Aubusson (Creuse). Hard not to notice the façade covered with strips of wood and textile printed multi-coloured.


This building is the former premises of the national School of decorative Art in Aubusson (ENAD). Since 2016, it is home to the international City of Aubusson tapestry. But before we do, it is passed through a facade cleaning… literally. The winner of a contest, it is in Newfoundland Architect has been entrusted with the task of dusting the building. Following a renovation project, launched in response to the registration of the Aubusson tapestry in the intangible cultural Heritage of humanity by UNESCO in 2009.


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