Hardness : the repository of the business landscape approved

Unep welcomes the licensing of the repository burdensome to the industry landscape. The decree validating has been issued may 5, 2017 by the ministries of Labour and social Affairs.
The business landscape now have a repository for the hardness. The repository was officially registered on 5 may by the ministries of Labour and social Affairs, welcomed the Unep, the Business Landscape in a press release this may 10, 2017. “This repository arduous aim is to support the entrepreneurs of the landscape in the assessment and reporting of the exposure of their employees to the risk factors defined by the law“.
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“This repository is designed to facilitate the administrative procedures of the entrepreneurs of the landscape, who often feel overwhelmed by the number of statements to perform. Most importantly, we represent primarily SMES, who do not have the human resources service full. With this tool, we enable them to better protect their employees, while making very quickly with the necessary formalities, “explains Catherine Muller, president of the Unep.


The professional organization also states that this repository is “the fruit of 18 months of work of professionals, invested with Unep on this project who have wished to anticipate the regulation to facilitate the work of business leaders“.read also

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