Guillaume Poitrinal, ceo of Woodeum

Guillaume Poitrinal has led since 2013 the company Woodeum, which aims to carry out real estate transactions, obeying the standards of high environmental quality, to “to build without nuisance a city more natural, beautiful and more pleasant to live” according to the official website of the company.
Woodeum has achieved a turnover of € 25 million in 2015, and Guillaume Poitrinal, born in December 1967, shows aim for 100 million for fiscal year 2017.
After his success at the head of the group Unibail, which he quadrupled the financial surface, and that he enter within the CAC 40, and which became after the merger with Rodamco the group’s first european commercial real estate specializing in shopping centers, Guillaume Poitrinal has quickly developed Woodeum, a start-up founded by his wife. It relies on the collective habitat, and has signed a partnership agreement with Stora Enso, the manufacturer of CLT (cross laminated timber), construction material, wood-based in the form of multi-layer panels. In conjunction with Eiffage, it has produced a prototype building of social housing in the CLT. Finally, Guillaume Poitrinal has created a subsidiary specialized in engineering and another in reforestation.


Since march of 2017, he chaired the Heritage Foundation, whose mission is the preservation and enhancement of the French heritage by providing financial assistance (via subscriptions and sponsorship) to individuals, communities and associations initiating restoration projects.



– 2017 : the President of the Heritage Foundation.
– 2014 : Creates the investment funds ICAMAP.
– 2013 : President of Woodeum, a company that specializes in real estate development, low-carbon, using the solid wood CLT.
– 2007 : Chairman of the management board of Unibail-Rodamco after the merger with the group, based in the netherlands.
– 2006 : Chairman and ceo of Unibail.
– 2005 : Director-general.
– 2002 : the Director general delegate in charge of all divisions and of finance.
– 1998 : Chief financial officer.
– 1997 : Director of development and planning.
– 1995 : Joins the group Unibail as chargé de mission to the CEO Léon Bressler.
– 1992 : Joined Morgan Stankey as an analyst in the department “merger and acquisition” in London and then in Paris.


The major projects of his career

“A natural looking forward, I have always had the tropism of the small business in which works with of decision-making circuits are very short, and allows you to react quickly and flexibly to the environment,” explains Guillaume Poitrinal in The Echoes in 2014 to explain his choice to have left the giant Unibail (whose action under his tutelage climbed from 93 to 175 euros) to embark on the adventure of real estate, low-carbon. Old benjamin in the CAC 40, he is a man of challenges. In the plural.


It runs in parallel an investment fund that aims to foster the growth of the real estate companies of small and average size in Europe (ICAMAP) and the Heritage Foundation, while accepting missions that are more political. In October 2013, he was charged with member of parliament Thierry Mandon to follow the implementation of ” shock simplification for businesses wanted by the government and carry out regular stock…


Before the second round of the presidential election of 2017, it warns in the New Republic : ” The program of social and national of Marine Le Pen would be mortifying to the French. I call to awareness of the economic damage that withdrawal would cause. “
If France produced in 355 days what it achieves, in 365, it would increase its 3% growth , one reads on the 4th cover of his essay , “faster ! France is sick of his time “ published in 2012 by Grasset. His whole philosophy is summed up…


Studies and awards

– 2015 : Knight in the national order of the Legion of honor.
– 1989 : Graduate of the école des Hautes Études Commerciales

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