Ground-based solar power : the winners of the 2nd call projects great power

The department of ecological Transition and solidarity has published the list of the winners of the second call for projects of photovoltaic installations on the ground of great power.
Nicolas Hulot, minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity, has designated the 77 winners to develop ground-mounted solar facilities of high power, for a volume of 500 MW. The list is available on the ministry’s website.


Launched in 2016, for a total of 3,000 MW, the tender consists of six periods of application spread over three years. “The winning projects of this second period will enhance the value of the electricity produced at a price historically low, a symbol of the competitiveness of the solar sector : the average price proposed by the award winners is 55.5 €/MWh for installations of greater power (between 5 and 17 Mwp), and 63.9 €/MWh for all projects”, says the ministry in a press release.


Nearly half of the projects will be implemented on degraded land (brownfields, landfills, former quarries) and will thus help to add value to a property abandoned.


The third application period in the tender, which closes on the 1st of December next, will also include a power of 500 MW.

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