Greenpeace filed an appeal against the EPR of Flamanville

Greenpeace and the seven associations of anti-nuclear come to file an administrative appeal to stop the construction of the EPR at Flamanville. The protesters will also, in a second time, apply to the Council of State to seek the repeal of the decree authorizing the work.
“The construction site of the EPR at Flamanville would never have had to begin with.” It is the belief of the environmentalist association Greenpeace and seven other environmental NGOS (1). These agencies have, therefore, to file an administrative appeal to the Prime minister to abandon the project, and is preparing to seize the State Council to request the repeal of the decree of authorization of the project.


The NGOS justify their decision by recent revelations regarding the problems of quality management within the nuclear industry of france. “Since 2005, EDF and Areva knew that the plant Creusot Forge by Areva was not in a capacity to produce parts that comply with safety standards”, explained the bodies protest in a press release. “For more than ten years, EDF and Areva have therefore left the manufacture of defective parts for nuclear power plants, including the EPR of Flamanville. If, in 2005-2006, the information had been public, the construction of the EPR would probably never have seen the light of day.”


For Greenpeace, finally, “none of the two industry has the financial capacity to continue the work.”


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