Google Home available in France this summer

At its tenth conference, I/O, which began Wednesday, Google announced the placing on the French market of its walls Google Home, to drive its connected objects, or even ask questions and interact with his “Assistant” virtual.
“Ok, Google.” A sentence for the moment heard across the Atlantic but that could soon become common in France : the pregnant Google Home should indeed be available in france as soon as this was announced the group in california during its tenth conference I/O, which began Wednesday.


Call in hands-free, stream music, control its connected objects, to converse with his computer or his phone from his kitchen… The”Assistant” from the Google Home can respond to your questions and to find information”, but “also help you to do all sorts of things that are useful,” specifies the brand, such as schedule appointments, or refill reminders.


A sector in full boom


The development of artificial intelligence is the field of conquest present for many of the major players in digital, including the silicon valley. Among the main competitors of the Google Home, the more developed is the Echo of Amazon, shipping a wizard named ‘Alexa’, a new version of the Echo Show, was released on may 9 last year, but it is not yet available in France, only the Uk and Germany.


But on the French side, things are moving too ! Orange has as well announced at the end of April, the launch in 2018, its own virtual assistant, called Djingo (see video below), commanding him also to the voice or text.




From the pub to the crime, passing by cinema and music, a few anecdotes of artificial intelligence…


The artificial intelligence at the heart of the home is a topic that has inspired the writers of science fiction… impossible to list them all ! As yet, more recently, the authors of the series Extant, with Halle Berry, who lives in a house that she runs entirely on the voice. But in the United States, the deployment of these new technologies has its share of stories IRL (‘in real life’)… Include a bad buzz : the TV spot Burger King challenge viewers with a “Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?” turning to the wizard who stood to recite the Wikipedia page of the brand, irritating to the passage number of viewers. At the end of 2016, it is the police in Arkansas, who has asked Amazon to access the data recorded by Alexa to solve a murder…


About the artificial intelligence in and of itself, its progress is more rapid : after playing chess (Deep blue) it is now composed music (such as Watson, IBM’s), writing books or screenplays mounted to the cinema… as the very strange short film to discover below (which has a guest-star actor of the hit series (and very funny Silicon Valley… don’t judge me!!)

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