General Enterprise

Anyone wishing to carry out general business activities must demonstrate, alongside the basic management knowledge, general sector professional competence of general enterprise and a sectoral professional competence for one of the other regulated activities of the construction sector or electrotechnical activities .

Anyone wishing to carry out general business


Requirements for enrollment in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, for general business activities:

  • Basic management knowledge;
  • The professional competence of the general business sector (including the “administrative knowledge for construction” module);

Sectoral professional competence in one of the following activities:

  • Big work ;
  • Cementing, cementing and laying of screeds;
  • Tile, marble and natural stone activities;
  • Roofing and waterproofing activities;
  • Installation / repair of carpentry and glazing;
  • General carpentry;
  • Finishing activities (painting, tapestry, soft cover);
  • Installation activities of central heating, air-conditioning, gas and sanitation;
  • Electrotechnical activities.

The company window where you request (change) registration in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises, examines whether the company meets all the conditions

Under general contracting activities, the following are understood, on behalf of third parties, in the execution of a contract of enterprise:

  • to build;
  • Renovate;
  • build ;
  • How to renovate

A building up to completion, using several subcontractors.

The activities relate directly to the construction, repair or demolition of a building or to the placing of movable property in an immovable in such a way that such movable property becomes immovable by incorporation.

For the purposes of the by-law, a building means an immovable property.

Durable materials

Intended to:

  • The habitation by the human being;
  • For administrative purposes;
  • For industrial purposes;
  • For commercial purposes;
  • For medical purposes;
  • Cultural, sporting or religious;
  • Agricultural or horticultural.

How to prove sectoral professional competence?

Proof of sectoral professional competence can be proved in two different ways:

  • A title: Article 33 of the Royal Decree of 29/01/2007 determines which securities can be accepted. For titles not found there, you can consult the Diplo database;
  • A professional practice in the last 15 years:
  • 3 years as a self-employed entrepreneur or as a skilled worker working full time;
  • 5 years as a self-employed or a skilled worker working part-time.

Any person who can not assert sufficient title or professional practice may submit an examination to the Central Jury. The examination concerns the administrative knowledge included in Article 5, 2 ° of the Royal Decree of 29/01/2007 and the sectoral professional competence set out in Article 32 of the same AR. For more information on the administrative knowledge for construction, you can consult this syllabus (PDF, 2.26 M

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