Gare Montparnasse : Elizabeth Terminal requests an urgent report to the SNCF

TECHNICAL INCIDENT. The secretary of State for Transport, Elizabeth Terminal, has asked for a report to the station on the technical problem that has paralyzed the traffic to the gare Montparnasse.
On July 12, 2017, Elizabeth Terminal, secretary of State for Transport, paid homage to the victims of the disaster Brétigny-sur-Orge. The accident, which had raised many questions about the dilapidated state of transport infrastructure, had 7 dead and 70 injured.


Four years later, a new news, thankfully, much less dramatic, is based on the question of the status of the network : due to lack of isolation in a power supply of a post, the traffic has been completely interrupted with the train station Paris-Montparnasse, Sunday, July 29, 2017. Thousands of passengers have been affected. A situation in which the secretary of State for Transport, Elizabeth Terminal, said on Europe 1 she was “not satisfactory”.

A report will be made in the coming days


To the point that the manager requested “to the two presidents of the SNCF” to submit to him a report on such failure “by the end of the week”. “We will make a return of experience to determine why it took time to find where was the failure and why it has taken so long to repair it”, she said to the radio. It also reiterated the commitments that Emmanuel Macron was taken on the 1st of July in terms of infrastructure policy. “It is necessary to give priority to transportation of daily life, to the maintenance and modernization of our networks. The position that was touched was the former. […] These are about three billion euros will be invested annually to upgrade the network that is highly degraded. The priority on the LGV was made to the detriment of the existing networks : we’ll review the priorities.” The foundation of the mobility will be launched in the fall, and they will be followed by a bill mobility early 2018.


“For thirty years, the maintenance of the network is neglected”, José Ramos (FRTP)


“The report of Philippe Duron, in 2013, had been recalled : the maintenance of our network is neglected for the past thirty years”, said José Ramos, president of the Federation of public works of the Île-de-France, Batiactu. “It would be better that the maintenance of the networks can be done on a regular basis, and especially before the summer period, in order to avoid being in this situation.” The professional TP takes the example of the car. “All of the 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres, will need to do a control. For infrastructure, it is the same thing.” According to him, if network rail continues on this slope, it might end up being shunned by the users. “If the situation is safe enough, both in terms of security and punctuality, the people will come to ask yourself if it is really a means of efficient transportation.”


The national Federation of public works pounds on a regular basis, for several years, as the transportation infrastructure are deteriorating alarmingly. Bruno Cavagné, its president, had recalled on the 24th of February last, by receiving the candidates in the presidential election.

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