Freezing allocations to the elected officials : the Government is explained

LOCAL FINANCE. While the Government has confirmed, this Wednesday, the cancellation of 300 million euros of loans 2017 of the State in the direction of the communities, including those dedicated to equipment of rural areas, five ministers, explained in a press release. Details.
The brawl continues between the Government and the power of the commune. While the Government has confirmed that, on 2 August 2017, the cancellation of 300 million euros from credit of the State in the direction of communities, the Executive has immediately responded in a press release in the evening.
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Remember that Bercy has targeted this month the investment appropriations of local elected officials by removing their particular a budget of 216 million euros in the support fund for local investment.


“The envelope of 216 million euros planned for the Staffing of facilities in rural areas (DETR) has taken on the mission “Relations with the local communities”, reported in first at Batiactu, Philippe Laurent, secretary general of the Association of mayors of France (AMF), on 26 July 2017. This appropriation is intended to finance thermal renovation and accessibility of the ERP.


Five ministers and secretaries of State, Gérard Collomb, (Interior), Jacques Mézard (Territorial Cohesion), Gérald Darmanin, (Action and public accounts), Jacqueline Gourault (Inside) and Julien Denormandie (territorial Cohesion), have wished to make the following arguments : “After the presentation of the report of the Court of auditors on the situation of the public finances, which showed a drift in public finances of eur 7 billion, it has been decided to implement on the year 2017, the savings measures to achieve the goal of a public deficit content to 3% of P. I. B. Unlike the previous one, the Government has taken its responsibilities : all lines of expenditure have been used, including those for local authorities.”


“No project in progress is cancelled”


The appropriations cancelled had not yet been incurred for the benefit of local and regional authorities and corresponded to the essential credits frozen by the previous Majority, point to the five ministers. No current project is therefore cancelled. The previous government had cancelled in 2016 an amount of credits similar.”


Finally, the Government reminds us that “these allocations to local authorities, have strongly evolved in recent years and have increased from 666 million euros in 2012 to 1, 962 billion budgeted in 2017.” Despite these cancellations, which represent only 0.3% of all financial transfers of the State in favour of local authorities in 2017, the allocation of support to investment remain at an unprecedented level, is defending the Executive.


“Exercise book policy”, Christophe Castaner, spokesman for the Government


In addition, Christophe Castaner, the Government spokesman, has insisted the outcome of the Council of ministers on Wednesday, on the fact that these “measures of cancellation of credits on transactions not carried out were not decreases in grants available to support local communities”. “It is, in particular, that most of the funds non-engaged non-engaged, it is therefore a more accounting policy”, reported there according to the newspaper Les Echos.


Associations of elected officials angry
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These new statements from the government should respond to the new associations of local elected officials. Interviewed by Batiactu on July 27, 2017, Antoine Homé, rapporteur of the Committee of local finance (CFL) and Philippe Laurent, secretary general of the AMF against “a new shot from a plane” to the investing public. “The Government has repeated at the national Conference of the territories that the investment support would be a counterpart of the reduction of the DGF, and today, the allocation of support to investment is cancelled !” confided Philippe Laurent, (IDU), mayor of Sceaux (Hauts-de-Seine). For its part, the association of mayors of rural (FDMA), denounced it, July 26, 2017, “a dark cut on the sly…”


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