Françoise Nyssen, a minister of Culture sensitive to the architecture

APPOINTMENT. The ministry of Culture is now occupied by Françoise Nyssen, editor, reputation of the house Actes Sud. She is also a graduate in town planning and urban renewal. Skills that will enable her to wear the big issues on the architecture.
This is a woman of Culture that the government Philippe has chosen to install in the rue de Valois at the ministry of Culture, replacing Audrey Azoulay. Outcome of the civil society, Françoise Nyssen is known for having directed the publishing house Actes Sud, created by his father in 1978. It should be noted that many works dedicated to the architecture are regularly published by this publishing house.


Born in Belgium in 1951, she was naturalized French. His career a student and a professional will allow him to tackle the big issues related to his ministry. Regarding the architecture, Françoise Nyssen will be able to take advantage of his diploma in urban planning and urban renewal that it obtained in Brussels. A profession that she has practiced in a firm in paris in the 70’s. It will in particular be responsible for monitoring the application of the decrees related to the law COURSE.


Outcome of the private world, the new minister also knows the world of institutions since she was a member of the department of Architecture of the belgian ministry of the Environment and the Living environment, as indicated in his report card on the government site. She has also received prestigious awards such as the Prix Veuve Clicquot for businesswoman of the year (1991), and was made Officer of the Legion of honour, Commandeur of the Ordre National du Mérite, and Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters.


A arrival was hailed by the professionals of the architecture


We welcome the arrival of Mrs Nyssen to the Minister of Culture, “responded Catherine Jacquot with Batiactu. “It is very close to architects by his professional training and his concerns, “says the president of the National Council of the Order of Architects (CNOA).


“The architects remain vigilant that the production of housing to be adapted to the regions, the needs of the inhabitants, in terms of architectural quality”, Catherine Jacquot.


Regarding the tasks ahead for the profession, Catherine Jacquot says : “We wish to confirm that in fact the achievements of the Law L/CAP. To ensure the balance of territories, cities, and improve the life of the French, we wish to work with stakeholders in bringing more quality to the level of studies and planning documents, in particular to promote the revitalization of the centres and villages“.


Catherine Jacquot point out that : “The architects remain vigilant that the production of housing to be adapted to the regions, the needs of the inhabitants, in terms of architectural quality : it must be present in the subdivision design, the construction of individual houses, the production of community housing (social and private) and the renovation of existing housing. We want a greater balance between private and public actors in the making of the town with more transparency in the modes of devolution of contracts and the remuneration of the services of architects. As regards the research and innovation provided by the licence to do so, we are waiting for the publication of the second decree, which will expand the fields of action of the procedure.”


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