France and Germany want a “reform ” ambitious” work detached

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have taken advantage of a board of franco-German ministers to remind their determination in the fight against the posting of illegal employees in the european Union.
In terms of work, the priority of the franco-German couple is to lead to a revision “ambitious” of the directive on the posting of workers. This goal was reiterated at the conclusion of the council of franco-German ministers, which was held on 13 July 2017.


“The work detached has been diverted from its original purpose, and became, in many cases, a tool of optimisation of costs”, it said in a joint statement. “When it is framed well, the posting of workers in Europe is a tool for healthy, useful for the mobilization of skills that are not immediately identifiable by the local businesses.”


The franco-German couple wants to reform “in the coming months”


Thus, for both partners, it is “back to the original intent of the device : reconciling the freedom to provide services in Europe with respect for the rights of workers and fair competition”.


To put ass to work-arounds in practice, France and Germany, therefore, want to get “in the coming months,” revision “ambitious” of the directive posting of 1996. “France and Germany will develop a position and a common strategy in view of the upcoming european deadlines to ensure the principle ‘equal pay for equal work in the same place of work’, and ensure that they are truly temporary detachment.”


Many european countries, in particular, oppose the revision of the directive. These dernierères weeks, the hardening of the French position on the subject has been seen as an impediment to the successful conclusion of discussions around a common agreement.

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