Four professional organizations are leaving Mediaconstruct

DIFFERENCES. The FFB, Capeb, the Unsfa and the Untec have decided to leave Mediaconstruct, which represents in France BuildingSmart association global BIM. At issue, a disagreement on the governance and on the project itself, with a question of representativeness of the industrial and business compared to professional organisations. Pierre Mit, president of Mediaconstruct and Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb, we deliver their feeling.
Thunderclap in the world of BIM : four professional organizations of scale, the French building Federation (FFB), the Confederation of crafts and small enterprises of the building (Capeb), the national Union of the unions of French architects (Unsfa) and the national Union of construction economists (Untec) have decided to leave the association Mediaconstruct, which represents BuildingSmart in France. Disagreements had arisen since the end of 2016, when the Untec had decided to resign from his mandate as director. Pierre Began, the current president of Mediaconstruct – and former president of the Untec – explains : “there is no conflict between the Untec, and my person. To my knowledge, the Untec still participates in the working groups“.
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But some organizations were calling for an evolution of governance, to questions of representativeness : “We are of the heavy weights sitting on jump seats !“, stabbed Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb. Pierre Mit replied : “there was a certain hint of the professional organizations to make the governance of Mediaconstruct. We had agreed to put us around a table, but this association has a lot of other players : there are more than 250 members ! The association has more than 30 years and everything has always been no report of force. The BIM is a collaborative process, it is not necessary to impose and put pressure on the other“. The president of Mediaconstruct provides : “We can evolve, and my mandate is a mandate to transition. But there has been no dialogue. A single vote has been organized at the end of 2016, when the associations wanted to take the majority. But this vote was negative. However, the board of directors wished to establish a commission of reflection on these issues of representativeness. And there is no clear proposal on the part of organizations that wanted to take power, but did not say what they intended to do…”


Another initiative around BIM mounted by the separatists ?


The print is different for Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb. He explains : “We leave Mediaconstruct because it’s become a tool too personal, which advocates special interests, and more rather in the collective interest. The place of the organisms is too tenuous. This situation could not last ; we decided to withdraw“. According to him, the calls for tenders launched by the association were put in place to respond to the interests of the big construction. The movement of withdrawal is not impulsive : Patrick Liébus said to have consulted the three other organizations, including the FFB who does not wish to speak on the subject, and have prevented Bertrand Delcambre, president of the Plan of Transition to Digital in the Building, “out of friendship for him“. And with Mediaconstruct ? “We have warned. ‘Be careful, it pitches’ ! But this has not been heard. The decision was taken with Jacques Chanut (chairman of the FFB, editor’s Note) and it will be effective quickly, because the emails are gone“.
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Pierre Mit provides, for the time being, that you have not received these emails. But he explains that Mediaconstruct will continue his work : “These three or four organizations represent 20 % of our contributions. But the actors of small size, close to the ground, remain in the want to do and move on. We are not in a political logic, but a logic of dialogue and exchanges. It is at the end of the fair, we count the oxen, as they say. We will see that it will remain after it. But this situation is rusting all the world“. He adds : “We do not approve not. We have people who are working within the association, who are not waiting for the professional organizations. Moreover, Capeb has only recently, in 2015, on my own initiative, within Mediaconstruct“.


The four organizations “separatists” would be, already, in the course of the discussion to form an entity alternative. Patrick Liébus confided to us : “We start again on something else, where we will have all our place. It is necessary to re-create, re-think with the other three agencies“. The future will tell what will become of the two French initiatives around the BIM, which will place both under the auspices of the UTP… whose mission could be stopped on December 31, 2017.

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