Flat glass : Riou Glass request the support of Nicolas Hulot for the entire industry

The president of Riou Glass, Pierre Riou, has sent an open letter to the minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity in order to ask him to support the French industry of the glass and the outside window by means of using the change of windows with more efficient products thermally. Extracts.
The company’s founder norman Riou Glass takes the floor to challenge Nicolas Hulot and ask for support for the whole of the French sector of the flat glass and exterior woodwork. In an open mail, dated July 19, 2017, Pierre Riou recalled that the new minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity, presented on 6 July, the Climate plan, outlining the strategy of France in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions, including the eradication of strainers thermal in the 10 years that come. “Effective insulation of our buildings is a major challenge. The stream of glass is an essential lever, “he argued.


The industrial reminds us of the role change window in the achievement of the objectives of energy performance. It is based on the study conducted by Pouget Consultants for the account of the pole for the Window of the FFB, and it shows that a quarter of the energy savings can be achieved by replacing products overwhelmed by of joinery adapted. Pierre Riou points out : “The only replacement window equipped with sashes that are adapted and efficient can reduce up to 27 % of the heating requirements of the French“. And he goes further by saying : “Also, move all of the existing windows in France in class ‘A’ according to the energy labelling of the profession could save 44.7 billion kWh per year, the equivalent of two nuclear power plants“.


Economic patriotism, support for innovation, and the pursuit of QUOTES


To achieve this great upheaval in the joinery French, the business manager asks the support of the public authorities. It advocates for the integration “in the Climate plan of simple and effective measures” promoting the sustainability and development of the sector of flat glass, which would allow citizens “to have access to glazing and the windows the most powerful, for their comfort and their health“. The leader pleads for the “made in France” and highlights the employment and the requirement of technical trades. And he castigates the behavior of French majors of the construction, which “do not hesitate to buy frames, all glass outside of our borders” for the realization of some projects in prestigious and symbolic.


The founder of the Riou Glass is also calling for the prosecution of CITES, which allows it to benefit the taxpayers of a tax credit of 30 % within the framework of renovation work. Pierre Riou is categorical : “You must maintain and continue to promote it“. Finally, it advocates for the adoption of technical solutions of vanguard, including his glazed, heated, that it poses “as a real alternative to heating solutions-traditional“. And again, the head of the business demand incentives to democratize this technology, still expensive. He also invited Nicolas Hulot to come and visit his factory of processing of glass, located in Boulleville in the Eure. The minister has not yet responded.

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