Fire of the Grenfell Tower : countless implications for the towers

CONSEQUENCES. Not less than 600 high-rise apartments must be inspected in addition to the Channel, following the fire slayer out of the Grenfell Tower in London. Sixty buildings are already non-compliant, and some were evacuated pre-emptively to work on their facades. The companies involved in the renovation of the tower was ravaged are also impacted by the effects of the disaster.
The impact of the disaster on the night of June 14, 2017, are numerous : the government of Theresa May ordered an immediate inspection of 600 residential buildings in the whole of the Uk, in order to evaluate the fire resistance of their coverings facade. And the first results are bad : until now, none of the solutions tested would meet the regulatory requirements in terms of fire safety. The department of local government, which conducts these operations, sampling and experimentation, has already determined that 60 rounds would be non-compliant.
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In the emergency, the municipalities have decided to evacuate the accommodation, the time of work delivery in conformity are carried out. Five laps of Camden (municipality of north London) that are home to no fewer than 800 apartments have been emptied of their residents on the night of Friday 23 June Saturday 24 June. The defendants in the evening, the occupants only had a few hours to gather some of their belongings and leave the premises before midnight, demonstrating the concern of the local leaders who offered alternative shelter arrangements.


Of the undertakings in question


The consequences will be heavy for the companies involved. Celotex, for example, (Saint-Gobain group), which provided the insulation polyisocyanurate placed against the façade as cladding, has just announced on its website that it had ceased on the field to provide the RS5000 for buildings whose height is greater than 18 meters, including for ongoing projects : “Celotex think it is the right thing to do the most just (…) pending further clarification“. Once again, the british company notes that its product has been tested and validated, but that any change of a component in the rest of the façade system had to be taken into account. A great way to highlight the problem of composite panels aluminum-polyethylene cladding.
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For their part, the two interveners have also responded to by means of a press release. Rydon Maintenance first of all, the company in charge of a part of the rehabilitation of the tower Grenfell in the summer of 2016, for the account of the Kensington & Chelsea Taking Management Organization. She reminds us that all building regulations, health or fire had been met and that the delivery had been approved by the board of control local (Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea). The company is however in the eye of the cyclone for the management controversial of the construction site, reported by residents of the tower in a blog post.


The company Harley Facades could also be involved in the scandal : it is she who has asked the external cladding. Ray Bailey, the executive director said : “there will be a lot of questions about this incident and you will understand that it would not be appropriate for us to comment or speculate on any aspects of the fire or its origin before the requests of the investigators. For the moment, we are not aware of any link between the fire and the cladding of the tower“. The two companies say, of course, be at the disposal of the authorities to answer all the questions. Not less than 250 investigators from Scotland Yard would be mobilised for an investigation with international implications. As a reminder, the French government has asked for a quick analysis of the rules at CSTB in order to make the point about the texts related to the fire safety of buildings.

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