Fire of London : 181 rounds of dwellings deemed to be dangerous

The uk government listen to the cladding of hundreds of residential towers. Nearly two-hundred samples have not passed the tests of fire resistance.
The cladding of 181 high-rise apartments in 51 municipalities failed to pass the tests of resistance to fire carried out by the british administration, in the wake of the fire of the Grenfell tower. According to Construction enquirer, “this new total represents 100% of all the panels tested as part of the dde operation of national security that aims to identify buildings with the same coating as the Grenfell tower”. An observation that suggests that there will be in the end a lot more of the buildings concerned.


As a reminder, the ” ITE of the Grenfell tower has been realized with insulation Celotex RS5000 and panel type Reynobond (a layer of polyethylene between two aluminum plates). The manufacturer of these panels, Arconis, has made it clear to the 26 June press release that they are suspending delivery of products of this type for buildings of great height.

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