Fire in the course of the work : operation awareness in the region

The fondation Excellence SMA is about to launch a series of seminars in several major cities to raise awareness of the building to risk of fire during construction work. Details.
The fire in the course of work“is the theme of the four major conferences organised by the fondation Excellence SMA and the first will be held on 4 July next near Marseille. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for fires that occur during the execution of works. Accidents that can result in “economic consequences and human, sometimes very heavy” recalls the foundation.


And the risk of fire on construction sites is particularly high in the construction sector. That is why, the foundation recalled that it “requires taking into account prevention and appropriate“. Even if measures have already been implemented, it is appropriate to continue to raise the awareness of all actors : craftsmen, work masters and work. For this, the Foundation is committed since several years to carry out actions of prevention. Through these conferences, she intends to continue to raise awareness among these actors of the building and thereby reduce the risks.
These seminars will bethe occasion to exchange around the issues and to point to the causes and regional particularities“, say the organizers. The idea is also that the “actors and local stakeholders to deliver their testimonies and analyses in order to define the necessary measures“.


Dates and location of seminars
4 July 2017 at the educational wing of the National School Superior of the Acts of the firefighters (1070 rue du Lieutenant Pärayre, 13 700 Aix-en-Provence)
October 11, 2017 : Bordeaux
24 October 2017 : Lille
Early 2018 : Nantes

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