Finished the vertical scrollbar, now the cabins will go in all directions

INNOVATION. This is not teleportation, but the invention of the German group Thyssenkrupp is expected to disrupt transport in buildings. The concept of Multi is that of elevator cabins without wires, able to move vertically but also horizontally, which would open new perspectives in terms of the design of the towers. Explanations.
The industrial Thyssenkrupp don’t hesitate to talk to Grail of lift to discuss his latest, the Multi. Because the concept happens to everything that was up here the principle of lifts : no stretched cables and not classical elevator cage vertically. No, the invention passes these constraints to become a system where cabins self coexist within a network with multiple ramifications, both vertical, horizontal and even slanting !
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Pass the vertical line 1D to a network in 2D


The gear is indeed related to a kind of center rail where the platforms swivel 360° make it possible to refer them to spurs. What greatly increase the transport capacity in the buildings, compared to customary systems, only the vertical, where a single cabin spends a lot of time empty. Thyssenkrupp list the expected benefits of its innovative solution : an increased ability of +50 % and a reduction of the energy demand in peak -60 %, thanks to the linear motors. The weight of the gear will be greatly decreased, particularly since they don’t have huge lengths of cables to manage. A crucial point for the construction of very large height.


The secret of the concept Multi : these platforms are rotating, which are putting the cabins on a network of rails © Thyssenkrupp

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Other interest in, elevator shafts tighter around the cabin and less numerous, since several of them can coexist and intersect in the “ranking” in the recesses of the lateral ad hoc. Result : a useful area enlarged in the trays at least +25 % depending on the industry, promising greater income than the promoters who can market these spaces. The press kit explains : “This is particularly important if we consider that currently the elevators-escalators may account for up to 40 % of the surface of a floor in a building of great height, according to its elevation“. Finally, yet another positive point : the waiting time between 15 and 30 seconds, maximum.


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