Fibrage optical of buildings within the scope of the work, the decree is published

PRACTICAL SHEET. In application to a section of the act Macron, the decree concerning the fibrage of buildings in the event of a work is published may 7, 2017 in the Official Journal.
In the framework of the law for the growth, activity and equal economic opportunities also called loi Macron, a decree has been taken in application of article 118. The text object is the fiber connection of the housing within the framework of the work on residential buildings or collective housing, business premises.


Who is this decree ?

The owners and co-owners, occupants of dwellings, owners, contractors, builders and developers, architects, construction companies, operators of electronic communications/telecommunications operators.


That is subject to this new requirement ?

The buildings grouping multiple dwelling units or premises for professional use that is the subject of renovation work subject to a building permit.


Y-a-t-il des exceptions ?

Yes, in the case where the cost of the equipment works in the lines of electronic communications to high speed fiber optics, including the work involved is greater than 5% of the cost of the work forming the subject of the building permit.


When the text does it go into effect ?

In the aftermath of its publication, 8 may 2017.

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