Exclusive Interview with Emmanuel Macron : its program for the construction

PRESIDENTIAL 2017. Housing policy and construction, corporate taxation, tax systems, social Regime of independent (RSI), illegal work… two days before the second round of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron, candidate of the party In March ! answers to our questions and the concerns of our readers.
The result of our investigation on the priorities of CONSTRUCTION professionals for the presidential 2017, we sent each candidate a questionnaire to find out their program on the issues that stood out (corporate taxation, simplification, RSI, etc.). We now publish the responses of Emmanuel Macron, that we received that day.


Marine Le Pen, sought on many occasions by our care, has not responded to our requests. The same questions had been sent. Its programme for the construction has been detailed by Batiactu last February.


Batiactu : according To a survey that Batiactu was conducted at the beginning of April 2017 with 1,200 of our readers, their first expectation is that the simplification of the standards. What do you suggest to simplify the building regulations ? And, in particular, to the regulatory or accessibility of the account painfulness.


Emmanuel Macron : the Face of the housing crisis that continues to worsen in our country, we need to produce more affordable housing and this begins by stopping to make the construction of ever more complex and costly. Therefore, there will be no new construction standards on the five year. Regarding the regulation of accessibility, we encourage players in the sector to meet the associations to exchange views on certain aspects of regulations that they we were reported as being counter-productive.


“We will give to it an important role to the branches.”


It is also important to recognize the difficulty of certain tasks and to take them into account in the determination of pension rights. This is true today and it will remain so tomorrow after the pension reform. Some of the existing criteria, particularly the first four that are already entered in the application, and consensus. Others are clearly not suitable. It is necessary to design a device simple and readable, that can actually be applied in companies. We’ll suspend the application of the criteria of the problem and to resume the dialogue on the definition, giving to it an important role to the branches.


Check out page 2, the sequel to the interview with Emmanuel Macron, (In March !) candidate in the presidential election 2017
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