Etoile, a building designed for the scientific research and innovation

A PROJECT AND/OR A SPECIALIZATION. The science centre of Evry has recently set up a new building with a remarkable architecture. Designed for the Mines-Telecom Institute, the ambition of this new programme is to encourage experimentation, enhance the work and research, and facilitate communication. Discovery.
The pole scientifique d’evry Val-de-Seine is enlarged. The agency of nantes the BLOCK, who had received a price Ajap in 2002, was delivered in December 2016 and a new building called : STAR Space and Open Technologies for Innovation Laboratories and Companies. The building was designed for the Mines-Telecom Institute.


The geographical location of the STAR is special because the building is located in the heart of the new city of Evry, close to the city centre and at the crossroads of different neighbourhoods. “A strategic location for sewing up the pieces of the city, “noted the architects of the agency Block.


Another unique feature of the project : the new building has been erected along the national 7, an axis that cuts the city in two. “But today, if the cars travel at full speed, they are the pedestrians, who tomorrow will visit when it will be transformed into an urban boulevard with bike paths and public transport, “says the agency’s architects.


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