Era real Estate confident after the result of the general elections

In the aftermath of the second round of the legislative elections, the network Era real Estate reacts and asks that “the future minister of the territorial Cohesion to take effective measures.”Details.
After the second round of the parliamentary elections held this June 18, 2017, the network Era real Estate has decided to take the word by way of press release. “The head of the State, Emmanuel Macron seems to have succeeded in the light of the results of the parliamentary elections (350 seats), “said Eric Allouche, executive director of the network Era real Estate. This will give the power necessary for the new government to implement its policy.” Before adding : “It must not be forgotten that access to the property and increase the rental offer in the taut areas are factors of social cohesion.”


Encourage property owners to invest in rental housing


For Eric Allouche, “the minister of territorial Cohesion will need to take effective measures to ensure that most of the French could become the owners and induce them to invest in rental housing.”


“Too often we have felt that we were heard only on the form, also deplores Eric Allouche. We need to build the future together, through in-depth discussions and analysis on what it is or not possible to do so.” The real estate professionals such as Era wish that “the Government should demonstrate a process of real consultation, because real estate agents are key players in housing.”

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