Employment : the CONSTRUCTION industry is very dynamic in the first half of 2017

According to the data published by RegionsJob, the construction sector is particularly dynamic in the first half of 2017 in terms of employment.
On the first half of 2017, the construction sector is the third place of the podium in terms of number of jobs released. And it is real estate that is in first place, boasting a “very strong increase”. “In one year, the employment opportunities relating to the sector have increased by 83%.”


As regards the CONSTRUCTION industry, which earns 63% compared to 2016, the most dynamic regions are Île-de-France (+97%), the Grand (+96%), Occitania (+89%), Normandy (+86%) and the Centre-Val de Loire (+85%).


In terms of the most wanted profiles, the survey foregrounds in our sector, and since we find at the top of the stack the functions of the negotiation and property management (+85%) and construction trades (+82%).

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