Emmanuel Macron confirms to SMES on a “moratorium” on the account arduous

REFORM OF THE LABOUR CODE.Among the many topics raised, on 23 may at the Elysee, the head of State, François Asselin, president of the CPME confirms Batiactu that Emmanuel Macron assurance that “the organization of a moratorium on the application of the account arduous by the start of the year.” The six criteria would be “re-negotiated with the social partners”. Details and reactions.
During his campaign, power up !, Emmanuel Macron was committed, to receive very quickly, the social partners once elected. The head of State was received on 23 may 2017, at the Elysée, one by one, during a time all of the leaders of the trade union bodies and employer groups. The menu of the topics mentioned on the reform of the Labour code : the industry-wide agreements, the expenses of companies, the short-term, the learning and finally the inevitable thorny subject of the account painfulness.


Account drudgery.On this occasion, the head of State, has confirmed in an interview with François Asselin, president of the CPME, that”he expected to hold a moratorium” on the application of the account painfulness, the criteria of which would be negotiated with the social partners”.


“I heard that, on three occasions the president of the Republic confirmed to me that there would be a moratorium on these questions of criteria of hardness, that he would not abandon the project, but it renégocierait with the social partners to see how the hardness could be applicable,” confided François Asselin, president of the CPME. Before we clarify that “the head of State is agreed that the six criteria are looked at closely. During the next appointment with the Prime minister, we’ll know more on the technical part.”


For his part, Alain Griset, president of the U2P, interviewed by Batiactu, has recognized that “the head of State was very open on the subject, but was not able to confirm the organization of a moratorium on the account painfulness.” Implemented in stages from 2015, the personal account of prevention of the hardness (C3P) allows private employees exposed to at least one factor of hardness, one of ten provided by the law, to accumulate points in order to leave early in retirement, training or work part-time. As a reminder, if the list of factors of drudgery had to be enriched to 1 July 2017, the companies will have two months to definitively validate their statements.


“On the 1st September next, all businesses in France are expected to put in place all of the ten criteria of drudgery, knowing that, for a large part of them, they are inapplicable, or even incomprehensible”, had complained François Asselin, during these last few months. As a reminder, the candidate Emmanuel Macron has announced that it “will suspend the device and return to the branches.”


Benefits prud labor. Alain Griste (U2P) believes that it “should put a ceiling on compensation for dismissal according to contributory capacities of the company. Benefits prud labor that are too high can be fatal for the company, to the extent that they all add up to a lower activity or a delay of payment.”


Industry-wide agreements. The president of the U2P reaffirmed “its commitment to industry-wide agreements. The responsibility of the social partners and the government will find a way to establish the level of the professional branch, the applicable rules and the cases in which a company agreement can deviate from them.”


“The branch agreements are the priority, it was well understood that our businesses are sensitive about this subject”, said François Asselin.


Levy of income tax by companies.Alain Griset, ensures that the part of the head of State to have a moratorium. He was also prompted to confirm the transformation of the SIEC in a decrease in direct social security taxes.


Micro-entrepreneurs. “I repeated to him the head of State, there cannot be different treatment according to the employees, in addition to a comprehensive reform of the major issues, he is well aware of it”, says Alain Griset.


Health and safety at work/Learning. “I reminded him that in the building, it is necessary to focus on the device of means and not of results, and lastly I found it extremely applicant on the learning”, concludes François Asselin. Same goes for Alain Griset, the leader of the craftsmen. Remember : the short-term are not mentioned.


The reform of the pension and unemployment insurance could also be completed in mid-2018 a-t-on learned. “The head of State referred to consultation until mid-June, an enabling act during the summer and a willingness to Emmanuel Macron to have the vote in September of the ratification law”, we deciphered François Asselin. As to the voting of the orders on the reform of the work, it should intervene at the start of the school…
The Prime minister, Edouard Philippe, and the minister of Labour, Muriel Pénicaud, will receive starting next Monday, the trade unions and employer organisations to address the technical issues of the overhaul of the labour code.

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