“Eikenøtt”, one of the first eco-district models in Switzerland

SERIE. This summer Batiactu has decided to help you discover eco-districts out of France. First component with one of the first, delivered in Gland in Switzerland in 2014 by Losinger Marazzi, the swiss subsidiary of Bouygues Construction
Here, in Switzerland, for more than fifteen years, the “eco-neighbourhoods last generation,” became something of a laboratory where to experiment with the urban practices of the future. Batiactu is party to the meeting Eikenøtt -translation of the word tassel in the Norwegian – located on the banks of Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva. Its uniqueness ? This is the first sustainable neighbourhood delivered in 2014 by Losinger Marazzi, the swiss subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, created ten years ago. The figures speak for themselves : an area of 485 housing units, 1,200 inhabitants, and 8 acres of meadow. The first inhabitants arrived in march 2013, a year before the entire delivery. As to the overall investment, it amounts to 236 million euros.


The new urban fashion of the time since the laws Grenelles 2008


If fact, in Switzerland, these concepts have taken a step ahead in Europe, recognize that in France, they have flowered as early as 2010, under the impetus of the Grenelle laws (2008) and new regulations for thermal. “With over 550 projects in courses and 300,000 housing starts, these new neighbourhoods ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ now display the new urban fashion of the moment. And this mode is not only a technical or constructive, it is first and foremost social, repeats on its search site, Vincent Renauld, engineer and researcher in urban planning.Because it is a whole new way of living that is imagined in these new neighborhoods.”


“It is, indeed, in this country, that this utopia, until then, became reality after having waited for several generations to see the day and that took almost twenty years to get out of earth”, we can explain, at Losinger Marazzi, July 3, 2017.


And remember that this project “Eikenøtt is perfectly in line with our approach of sustainable construction.” “The eco-district is a concentrate of innovations”, he added.


Check out starting next Monday, the result of this series of the discovery of eco-districts in switzerland.

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