Effinside, the energy efficiency according to Delta Dore and Legendre

The specialist in home automation, Delta Dore, and the real estate group breton Legendre combine in a co-business dedicated to the energy efficiency of buildings. Called Effinside, it will propose tools for the management of uses.
It is a merger between two firms in brittany and family. Delta Dore, which offers control solutions to comfort and energy in buildings, and Legendre, a group of construction and real estate, give birth to a joint-venture company, named Effinside. It is intended to offer tools for improvement of energy efficiency. As explained in the two partners, “the offer (…) is nourished by the expertise and specific skills as complementary to its two shareholders“.


The joint venture will therefore offer a range of solutions : work and tools of management of the energy performance guarantee of results, funding of solutions of third party investment… “By bringing together the best sectors of building and energy, Effinside imagine a new approach to service in energy efficiency“, announced in a joint press release. The objective will be to bring savings to consumers allowing them to make the buildings more comfortable. Connected, these buildings will be to manage the decentralized production, its storage and use, as well as clearing equipment. “Without investment, and with a commitment to results“, they stress.


Delta Dore recalls that its solutions home automation equip already 3 million housing units and 10,000 sites commercial and industrial make the most of their drinks with their help. While Legendre argues its long-standing commitment in the energy world, with the creation, in 2007, a subsidiary dedicated to the production of renewable energies (photovoltaic plants on the ground or the roof) and the installation and maintenance of devices for energy production. The aspect of energy efficiency “will now be carried by the entity Effinside“, he says.

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