Edouard Philippe bury definitively the RSI

AD. During his general policy speech to the national Assembly, the Prime minister confirmed the removal of the social regime of independent, announcing the date of 1 January 2018.
The cleaver fell. The promise of the candidate Emmanuel Macron to remove the social regime of independent directors is to be held. Edouard Philippe has confirmed, Tuesday 4 July, during his general policy speech to mps, the abolition of the RSI on 1 January 2018. The RSI will be backed by the general plan, said the Prime minister.
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An ad that falls at the same time as the board of directors of the IHR was convened to elect a new President to succeed Gérard Quevillon, who died on the 9th June last. Louis Grassi who provided since the interim has been elected, 4 July 2017, President of RSI.


As a reminder, since a few months, the directors of the IHR are strongly critical of this deletion. On the 21st of June, the organization denounced a “removal forced march, and without consultation”. “What is the project that we are going to submit ? “, asked Bernard Delran when we had interviewed.
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“Has six months from the due date, the least of things, this is to tell us what needs to be improved,” we had it explained. “We fear an analysis that is too fast for the situation that would align the self-employed scheme the general scheme. This last has not the same aims. The RSI has been created for self-employed not employees, “he added. It seems that the leaders of the IHR have not been heard.

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