EDF builds on the energy services to increase its turnover

The electrician French aims to double its turnover in the energy services for the businesses and communities by 2025. The group will use all of its companies, such as Dalkia or Citelum, gathered for the occasion under the umbrella brand name “EDF energy Solutions”. Henri Lafontaine, executive director of the Pôle Clients, Services, and regional Action reveals the project.
The energy world is in transition : it is necessary to combat global warming and reduce consumption, improving energy efficiency and upgrading of resources previously untapped. But other changes happen at the same time, as the analysis Henri Lafontaine, the executive director of the Pôle Clients, Services, and regional Action of EDF : “there is a triple mutation, energy, digital and social. We are witnessing the development of digital technology, big data and connected objects. But also to a changing social, with the appearance of ‘consommacteurs’, of consumption and citizenship energy“. Three phenomena that would find answers in the development of energy services, where EDF will seek growth relays.


Nine billion euros in 2025, eleven in 2030


His ambition is clear : to double to 4.4 Bn € turnover current in this area by 2025, of which at least a quarter will be carried out abroad. And then reach to 11 Bn € in income five years later, in the framework of the Strategy 2030. The French group plans to build on its countless subsidiaries and entities, whether of networks of heat and cold (Dalkia), valorisation of local resources (Tiru), distributed generation (EDF Energies Nouvelles Distributed), energy efficiency (their number had risen to), energy management since the audit until the control (Optimal Solutions), urban services (Citelum) or sustainable mobility (Sodetrel). “We have a very wide range of expertise, “says Henri Lafontaine. So many identities that will be gathered under one umbrella brand “EDF energy Solutions” which are not intended to replace them.


Sylvie Jehanno, general manager of Dalkia, reminds us of the extent of the jurisdiction of its organization : “The core business was the maintenance-maintenance, operation, or, as they say nowadays, of boilers. Today there are networks of hot and cold, guarantee of energy performance. We are in the heart of the transition to renewable energy and recovery, in particular through the recovery of waste or heat-fatal“. The company produced and 3 TWh per year and will prevent the emission of 3.2 Mt of CO2 in the atmosphere, an amount equivalent to the carbon footprint of the metropolis of strasbourg. “We operate 353 heat networks in France on the 600 that exist, and, in particular, the first network of heat smart, which is in Lyon, “she continued. A network of 250 km, and powered up to 65 % by renewable sources (biomass), and which has a possibility of storage thanks to the heated water at times when the consumer does and then returned at the tip. “Scanning allows you to optimize production and consumption. We do work on the data of the city, to inform consumers. And the network has been modeled in 3D in order to improve its layout“, argues the director-general.


Proceed with external growth operations
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Carmen Munoz-Dormoy, his alter-ego of Citelum, chimed in : “We are operators of urban infrastructure. This means for the public lighting but also the signage, the sensors of the smart city, cctv cameras… all in the service of communities and citizens“. The subsidiary dedicated to offering services of energy-saving to the municipalities, who can reach the -60 % solutions real-time control. She also manages the issues of traffic and parking in dynamics, in order to facilitate the transport, in particular in cities traditionally gridlocked as Sète (Hérault), enclosed between the Mediterranean and the Thau lagoon. “And the heritage is best highlighted by our lights, “notes the general director of Citelum in which the company earns 80 % of its activity at the international level.


Abroad just, which must represent more than 25 % of the turnover of EDF energy Solutions by the year 2025, Henri Lafontaine said : “Our priorities are located in Great Britain, Belgium, Italy and the United States, where there are strong synergies between the local subsidiary and the commercialization and the operators/service providers“. The executive director of Hub Clients said that the group will watch for opportunities, including in large networks of heat-europeans, provided that the acquisition is in the context of the business strategy.

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