Dry stone, theory and practice a traditional system of construction

READ. Louis Cagin, already author of the manual “Building dry-stone” today brings together specialists from several disciplines in order to edit a reference book on this way of building a millennium but whose interest is in revival.
Murailleur and is a specialist in dry stone, Louis Cagin built up or restore the landscaping in the middle of the materials present on site. His first book, “Building dry stone”, which presented itself in the form of a manual as a pedagogical technique in detail his techniques. Due to the success of this edition, and to a revival of interest found for this building form that respects the heritage and the environment, he wanted to go further, and be more comprehensive.


Surrounding himself with experts from various disciplines, he has published, 24 August 2017, “dry-Stone – Theory and practice a traditional system of construction”, a reference book covering all aspects of this issue : archaeology, ethnography, geography, physical science… Louis Cagin has also appealed to professional landscapers. Martin Muriot, of the French Federation of professionals of the dry stone, who signs the preface, explains : “the gesture of The murailleur is the main character of this book ; he expresses himself on the ground, through a know-how. It is a technique in which the difficulty lies in its mandatory adaptation to the material which, by nature, differ according to the territories“.


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The thick volume of 224 pages, and is composed of six chapters independent, but complementary : the Archaeology and history of masonry in dry stone ; dry Stone and company, and The slopes in terraces ; The landscape of dry stone ; technical Analysis of the building ; the vision of The mechanic. Richly illustrated with diagrams, drawings and photographs, the book is the fruit of the work of many stakeholders, including Ada Acovitsioti-Hamlet (director of the international scientific Society for the interdisciplinary study of dry-stone and founder of the Association for the protection, study and research for the natural and cultural heritage of the centre-Var), Marine Bagnéris (office of studies Stono and a teacher-researcher at the Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Marseille) or Romana Harfouche (associate researcher at the CNRS director of an archaeological project franco-lebanese). Olivier Hérault, designer-landscape sign, for its part, the most pictures, while Denis Lacaille, landscape planning, is the author of the photographs. Finally, Jean Laffite has compiled an inventory of dry stone structures of the regions of Provence and Languedoc.


The book chorale is aimed at professionals, members of associations and officials of various institutions who are interested in this construction method ancestral, and economic. Available in bookstores, its price is 45 €.

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