Displays required : a new requirement related to vaping

PRACTICAL SHEET. You must display certain information in the company subject to a financial penalty. Attention, the list goes on and on with the duty of recalling, in places of work closed and covered for collective use, the principle of the prohibition of vaping.
Mandatory to display : the scope of the obligation of the companies
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Regardless of the size of your business, you must display certain information on the places of work for example :


– the contact information of the occupational physician, labour inspectorate and the occupational physician ;
– schedules work collectives ;
– the smoking ban.


You must also display or distribute by any means some of the texts of law :


– the articles of the labour Code relating to equal pay between men and women ;
– the articles of the penal Code relating to bullying, sexual harassment (penal Code, art. 222-33 and 222-33-2) and discrimination (criminal Code, article 225-1 to 225-4).


To help you to fulfill your obligation, Editions Tissot offer you their poster “is mandatory to Display of the labour Code “and displays” Displays required and recommended of the labour Code ” (this last display also containing the information to be disseminated by any means).


Mandatory to display : the case of vaping


The enforcement decree of the prohibition of vaping has just appeared (see our article ” Prohibition of vaping at work : effective October 1, 2017 “).


It requires companies to display the prohibition of the use of the electronic cigarette from 1 October 2017.


In fact, in the places of work closed and covered for collective use, signage is apparent shall recall the principle of the prohibition of vaping and, if applicable, its conditions of application in the precincts of these places (the public health Code, art. R. 3513-3).


It is possible to set up a space “vapoteur” but this is not a requirement.
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Unlike the smoking ban, including a model of signalling is set by decree, there is no provision for the prohibition of vaping. Editions Tissot, however, were designed for a poster special ” Display ban vaping “.


Attention, if the manager of the place does not put up these signs, it risks a fine of 3rd class is 450 euros.


Decree n° 2017-633 April 25, 2017 on the terms and conditions of application of the prohibition of vaping in certain places for collective use, official journal of 27


Source : Editions Tissot


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