Digitization of the building : Eiffage and Finalcad, a strategic partnership

PARTNERSHIP. The group of BTP has teamed up with Finalcad, a publisher of mobile applications and predictive analytics to the construction, in order to speed up the digitisation of its projects. A partnership that is already bearing fruit. Details.
Eiffage and Finalcad formalizes their partnership. On 19 June 2017, the group BTP has announced that it has chosen the editor Finalcad as a strategic partner for the digitalization of its projects. “The digital transformation of the CONSTRUCTION industry is today a strategic dimension to the performance of companies in the sector. It is a vector of fluidity, productivity gains, and quality of the works carried out“, remind us of the partners in a joint press release.


Scan ¾ construction Eiffage construction by 2018 : goal achieved


Benoît de Ruffray, president and chief executive officer of Eiffage, explains his choice : “We have chosen Finalcad, because their approach to the land is different from other players in the market, and their product is appreciated because it has been designed from the building. This strong partnership is based on a model of open innovation, and reciprocal. Finalcad has a need for us to move forward, and Eiffage need Finalcad to accelerate“.


Because the scanning of the building is changing rapidly, the group BTP has chosen to adopt an approach of partnerships with innovative start-ups. Eiffage explains, whereas such associations enable him “to benefit directly from the expertise of these innovative companies, often the fruit of many years of investment in Research & Development“.


Of a project approach to support the business


A strategy that seems to be bearing fruit. In fact, while the manufacturer had set itself the objective to digitize three-quarters of the building Eiffage Construction by 2018, it announced that the goal is already reached. A result that translated in Eiffage : “a good adaptation of the tool, and a very strong ownership beyond its expectations thanks to a modern tool, ergonomic, and suitable for team building“. The strength of this dynamic, the group also announces that other of its subsidiaries have begun their digitization using the editor.


This global partnership is the result of a collaboration already in place since several years. In fact, since 2012, Finalcad is used on construction sites in the group, but its use was limited to a project approach. “Now, we are supporting Eiffage in its digital transformation at the enterprise level, which opens up possibilities for analysis and steering of its activities that are much more powerful,” stressed Jimmy Louchart, co-founder and president of Finalcad.

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