Diggerland, the theme park where the rides are diggers

UNUSUAL. The dream of all children – boys, in head – is a reality in the United States : there is a leisure park where the attractions are… real construction machinery ! Excavators, dumper trucks and wheel loaders telescopic handlers offer a lot of sensations, as much as toddlers can drive some machines.
Forgotten models Cheerleader, buried to the Micro Machines, ringardisés the Lego Technic. The children who will go to Diggerland not be able to play the same way in returning home, once they have tasted the joy (rare) to be able to drive a real mini-shovel !


Because it is what provides the amusement park Diggerland, opened in 2014 at West Berlin (New Jersey), not far from Philadelphia. On the menu, a variety of rides with names redolent with the site : “Backhoe Adventure“, “Skid Steers“, “Big Diggers“, “Dumper Trucks“, “Ground Shuttle” or “Excavator Express“. Thus, it is possible to sit in a backhoe loader with the cab has been modified to accommodate multiple passengers, a tour of the amphibious truck or dig up treasures buried in the middle of a mini-excavator. Only restriction for some of these machines, measure at least 42 inches (1.07 meter) to… be able to reach the controls. Not need professional registration or a special permit : all is done to ensure that smaller operators are safe.


Amusement park © DiggerlandUsa


Climb into the bucket of a mechanical excavator, or in the back of a truck


The more daring will go on a tour of the “Spin Dizzy“, where a gondola passenger is installed at the end of the articulated arm of a shovel on caterpillars of 22 tons. Launched in a whirlwind of dizzying, it will offer a maximum of sensations of its occupants, who can also opt for the last-born of the attractions : “The Greased Beast“. In fact, it is a simulator… rubble, where all the challenge is to get him in the seat installed in the rear of a trailer truck that will be inclined and rises in the heavens, up to ten meters in height. More calm, the experience of “Sky Shuttle” will place the happy visitors at the top of a telescopic arm 15 metres above sea level, to enjoy the view of the whole park.


Amusement park © DiggerlandUsa

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Diggerland does not forget the adults, since the park also has a offer the “XL” in order to satisfy the thirst for experience of the big kids. They will be able to try steering bulldozers and other monstrosities mechanical and thus achieve their dream. It should be noted that almost all the machines presented are of brand JCB, partner of the park, which provides mini-excavators JCB 8018 as well as skid steer loaders, JCB 3CX or JCB Loader 135, as well as a large mechanical excavator JCB JS220. The special model JCB GT, holder of the world speed record for a construction vehicle (almost 117 km/h in a straight line) is also based at Diggerland when it is not demonstrations to the four corners of the world. No doubt about it : the construction machines are really big toys. When can we expect the same thing in Europe ?


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