Denis Bozzetto elected president of the branch of the acoustics Cinov

Denis Bozzetto took, the 14 April, the head of the Cinov-Giac, the branch “acoustics” of the union, engineering. He succeeds Eric Gaucher.
Denis Bozzetto has taken up the baton of Eric Gaucher at the presidency of the Cinov-Giac, the branch of acoustics of the professional organization. It consists of 100 members, including consulting engineers and the design offices, the independent specialist in this area for the sectors of building, environment, industry, training and research.


Denis Bozzetto began his career in 1976 within the department acoustics of the scientific and technical Centre for building (CSTB) in Grenoble, before co-founding, in 1989, the office of study Acouphen.


“Our commitment is both technical, quality actor in the development of standards and methodological guides, and social, by participating actively to the evolution of knowledge, training and regulations,” explains Denis Bozzetto. According to the national council of noise (NBC), the social cost of noise pollution, in France, amounted to € 57 billion.

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