Demolition : the Nmcs and the SRBTP will merge

Two unions of trades incorporated in the French building Federation (FFB) has launched a project to merge in the areas of demolition and waste management. Details.
The members of the national Union of companies of demolition (Nmcs-FFB) come to validate the operation, during their general assembly which took place from may 18 to 20, in Toulouse : the organization will merge, within a year, with the Union of recyclers of CONSTRUCTION and civil engineering (SRBTP). The members of the SRBTP had also given their approval, earlier in the year. The merger between these two unions of the trades of the FFB should be implemented within a year.


“We want to bring down the value chain (exploration, removal and demolition) in relation to recycling within a single structure”, explains Sébastien Elderberry, general delegate of the Nmcs, Batiactu. “These subjects are beginning to take more and more importance, demolishers and recyclers must therefore work hand in hand, in order to achieve the goal of 70% waste recycled by 2020, particularly in the second work.”


Have more weight with the public authorities


A more collaborative work between these bodies of states would, in effect, to optimize the operation of the whole chain. “The more the issue of pollutants, such as asbestos, is dealt with early on, the more it will have positive impacts on the recycling”, adds Sébastien Elderberry. As well, waste of a better quality, that is to say, well identified, are easier to direct to the recycling channels. On a more political, the two unions wish to take advantage of this merger to bring a single voice to this message with the public authorities, prime contractors and building owners.


“The French building Federation saw merit in our project of a merger”, adds Sébastien Elderberry. Points of uncertainty, however, must be raised, starting with the name of the future structure and functioning. Moreover, who will be its president ? Nathanael Cornet Philippe, current president of the Nmcs, or Gilles Nantet (SRBTP) ? “These issues will be determined during the exchanges we will have in the coming months”, explains the Nmcs.

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