Delta Dore opened his apartment connected to Paris

Delta Dore, a company of home automation and is specialized in the steering, has opened a ConceptHome parisian connected, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. The opportunity to see the work the various products of the brand.
After Bordeaux and Rennes, the company breton-Delta Dore, a specialist in home automation, has opened a showroom in the 11th arrondissement of the capital, “My Connected Home”. The space presents itself as an apartment everything was normal, 60m2, with a kitchen, a living room… with the difference that, here, the exhibition space is completely connected. It offers an overview of the products distributed by Delta Dore, in terms of home automation and connected home.


In this space, the visitor and potential customer can test the various products. Ranging from the management of the heating, alarm, lighting… or even rolling shutters, tv, HiFi system etc, in Concrete terms, when the individual is on holiday for example, is just a click so that its shutters are closed automatically, the heating is put on a suitable program, the lights go out etc


All this beautiful world is controlled locally and remotely via smartphone or tablet. And this, through a dedicated application, Tydom, which, depending on the brand, can control hundreds of connected objects and adapts to the existing equipment and future. Ensuring that the data are stored directly in the box (home cloud), to protect the private life.



To set up this space 2.0, Delta Dore has worked with the company’s home Automation Paris.


The space, itself, is destined to become a relay for architects, builders, promoters or prescribers. A meeting room is also dedicated. The idea of being able to develop a concrete project, between individuals and professionals and to reflect on how to integrate these technologies in a house.

General information :

Open from Tuesday to Saturday
From 10: 00 to 19: 00


Adresse220 boulevard Voltaire
75 011 Paris
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