Deletion of the IHR : the U2P will not accept an increase in contributions

PROPOSALS. The Union of the enterprises of the vicinity (U2P) to make its voice heard in the implementation of the reform of the social regime for the self-employed. Alain Griset recalled what he expects from this reform, and presented the proposals of his organization.
It’s official, the end of the RSI, as it exists today and under what name, is close by. In his general policy speech, Edouard Philippe has confirmed his removal on the 1st January 2018. Nobody seems to be really opposed to this, the administrators of the IHR (Read our article) as the leaders of the U2P take to issue warnings and make proposals for this major reform inevitable does not penalize the self-employed.


During a press conference, organised on 5 July 2017, the Union of enterprises of the Vicinity (U2P) has also announced that it would enter into a dialogue with the government. But she warns : “this evolution in the management of social protection of the independent must comply with the current field of intervention of the IHR, “said Alain Griset, President of the U2P. The latter has also insisted on the fact that “arise in contributions would not be acceptable” to speak of a “red line” not to cross.


We say attention, it is necessary to act with prudence and take the necessary steps to get there. Not always ready to make not the same mistakes“, Alain Griset.


And even if Patrick Liébus, president of Capeb (member organization of the U2P), recalls that the new president of the Republic announced in its roadmap that the dues would not increase, for as much, “we want to be sure that the system of the Urssaf to be able to absorb the RSI and want to make sure we don’t relive what happened in 2008 during the implementation“. “We must not act in haste, “says Alain Griset. Time is counted since the date of 1 January 2018 is announced, and that it remains so little time. To this, Alain Griset responds : “We say attention, it is necessary to act with prudence and take the necessary steps to get there. Not always ready to make not the same mistakes“.


According to him, the big dissatisfaction of the independent today focuses on the method of calculation, and therefore considers that the reform of the IHR is not limited to the reform of the tool. “This is not the tool that is important but the mode of calculation” and the relationship with the independent that it is necessary, therefore, to maintain or improve. Alain Griset advocates for a simplification of the rate calculation.


Out of the triptych of hell “regulation, control, and sanction”


But beyond these modes of calculations of the contributions, it is essential to maintain the monitoring of the independent, which may not always meet their obligations recalled Patrick Liébus, to accompany them when they are in difficulty. The U2P wish that this reform gives priority to the improvement of the service rendered to citizens and to the securing of the relationship between the plan and the insured.
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Alain Griset has also referred to the “right to error”, announced by Emmanuel Macron, and request that the social security agencies “make their revolution by passing the triptych infernal ‘regulation, control, punishment’“. “Instead of regulating, it is necessary to simplify, instead of controlling it must accompany and instead of punish, it is necessary to help“, he proposes. “The main priority is also the right to information“, bounces the president of Capeb, for “éviter that companies are put at fault“. “This is why representatives of the self-employed is important in this new, general system, in order to understand their specificities“, he says.


It is precisely for this reason that the Union of the enterprises of close calls for changes in the governance of the social protection of self-employed. The organization application, inter alia, that “the human resources now employed in the various funds of the RSI are maintained and redeployed in the new system“. The U2P suggests, finally, that the directors of the next regime of social protection of the independent, are no longer elected but are appointed for a period of 4 years and not more than 6 years of age, to enroll in the logic of the measure of the representativeness of employers. It is therefore proposing that new directors be appointed in distributing the seats between the inter-trade organisations representative of employed workers at the national level and at the level multiprofessionnel for the professions.

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