Deletion of the IHR : the risk of a dues increase

THREAT. According to Bernard Delran, vice-president of the IHR, the backing next to the device in the general scheme casts doubt on the level of future contribution rates. Details.
“It is now that the situation is improving, you want to delete the RSI : it is incompréhensaible.” It was Bernard Delran, vice-president of the social System of the independent, who said on BFM Business, on 2 August. For him, and as he had already stated to Batiactu several weeks ago, the government wanted to suppress purely and simply the device, the backing of the general scheme, there are risks to the professionals involved.


“The general plan, it will cost more”


The risk is most clearly focuses on the level of contributions, which is now higher in the general scheme than it is at the RSI. “The general plan, it will cost more”, believed Bernard Delran. “If you are attached, there is a risk of a rise in contributions.” However, the government has assured that the rates would not be affected.


For Bernard Delran, the reform of the RSI would also undo the recent progress made in terms of simplicity and file management. “For the past two years, we have put in place all the systems to remedy the defects”, says Bernard Delran. “We are in the process of working on a system of reverse charge, which would allow to calculate the month-to-month contributions.” The vice-president of the organization would prefer that the government let them work to improve the system rather than change it again the operation. “Remove the RSI, it is a calculation of election. There has been an effect of fashion : it was politically correct to say that it was necessary to remove the IHR. Of course, there was also a vocal minority who had good reasons to criticize the regime, and we are sorry.”


Artisans of many more to opt for the status of SAS
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Asked about the number of increasingly important to contractors who install SAS to get rid of the RSI, Bernard Delran has issued a warning. “This statute constitutes a space of freedom is necessary, but where the entrepreneur has less coverage. Be careful because if you take this system you will not have any retirement, your coverage will not be the same. The SAS is not adpatée to all company projects.”


“We don’t know how we are going to make the January 1, 2018 [date that the RSI is supposed to be attached to the general regime, editor’s NOTE]”, concludes Bernard Delran. “And we wonder whether the government themselves know where they are going.”

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