Decree that shows the document information for posted workers

SOCIAL. A decree related to the new obligations of the owners in the field of labour secondment is published in the official Journal of 26 July. Details.
Among the obligations of the employer in the fight against the posting of illegal workers, it has to inform the employees concerned of the fundamental rights enshrined in the French labour code. The document that will just be revealed by a decree of 12 July, published in the official Journal of July 26, 2017. Downloadable on the website of the Union des caisses de France (UCF), it must be returned to the persons concerned on-site.


This poster indicates how the posted workers can enforce their rights (to enter the labour inspection, trade unions, the prud’hommes, etc.). The employee shall also find there the legal duration of the work, the right to daily rest, the rules related to night work, paid leave, or the regulations regarding accidents in the workplace.

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