Decree tertiary : maturities deferred to 2030 ?

ENERGY EFFICIENCY. According to information published by the site Mayor Info, the next version of the famous “decree tertiary”, contained in the draft law on the right to error and simplification, expected to defer to 2030 the requirements for energy efficiency. Details.
After a site information Mayor Info, an emanation of the Association of mayors of France (AMF), the draft law on the right to the error and the simplification contains a component which relates to the obligation to improve the energy performance of buildings teritiaires by 2030. It would be sort of a “plan B” at the end of the full suspension recent “decree tertiary” by the State Council.


According to the information website of the AMF, the draft law above recognizes as “not sustainable” this famous decree, and proposes to “postpone the first deadline on the horizon 2030”. IT would also be envisaged to modify by order the scope of application of the measure “to go in the direction of lighter requirements for smaller structures and an enlargement of possibilities of exemptions and exceptions”, says the website, which declares to have obtained a copy of the bill. IT would be expected that the government publishes these orders within six months after the passing of the act.

Wind power : tender procedures simplified


According to the article by Mayor Info, the draft law on the right to the error and the simplification would also include measures related to renewable energy. Thus, “the tender procedures in the field of wind energy, including wind energy marine, should be accelerated and simplified”. The example given is that of the issuing of licences upstream of a call for tenders, which would then be “transferred to the winner”. Another point considered to be that of closer to the regime of exploitation of geothermal energy: high and low temperature, “the existence of two regimes separated being experienced as an obstacle to the use of this energy”.


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