CryoVest, a vest, cooling to counter the heat wave

INNOVATION. While the temperatures beat the record for the month of June, the fight against the heat is an issue for the workers on site. The company Cryo’Innov offers personal protective equipment against the thermal stress, which regulates body temperature and improves the comfort of work. Zoom.
The thermometer is at its highest, and employers adapt the working hours to reduce the hardness of the positions is more exposed. The French company Cryo’Innov proposes to go further to protect the workers who perform physical activities in developing a garment professional who meets the technical requirements of personal protective equipment. The “CryoVest Industry” is in the form of a jacket cooling which allows its wearer to better regulate her body temperature. An idea coming from the world of sport where athletes use it for training in the summer period, especially in the equestrian world.


A weight of 1.9 kg for a time in charge of the eight accumulators of cold, “First-Ice” (four on the front and four in the back, 180 grams each), it does not interfere with the movements of the operator and preserves its mobility. The vest itself is made up of fabric fire-retardant (Nomex), with a polyester lining with aluminum foil, and also provides some lumbar support with elastic straps of 100 mm. The wraps thermal feature, according to figures from Cryo’Innov, of a capacity of 2 hours of cooling at the maximum in extreme conditions (temperature exceeding 50 °C). Once this period is past, it is necessary to place them in a refrigerator so that they are recharged in negative calories. It is possible to put in place other packs as kits, batteries additional are available, allowing you to work continuously.


Come from the world of sport, it is already adopted in the industry
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But what is the composition of these pockets ? Mainly of water (82,76 %) and nylon/polyester (8,41 %), glycol (5,11 %) and a polymer (3,53 %). The ensemble captures cold on the long term, without the risk of burning and without toxic agent. These packs are reusable for 60 times. Cryo’Innov list of the many advantages to the use of these vests on construction sites or in industrial sites where the temperature is high : “decreased heart Rate (between -8 and -12 beats per minute), water status stabilized since little sweat, enhancing the comfort, preservation of cognitive functions with continued vigilance and reduction of risks of accidents or errors, promotes recovery after exercise“. Some manufacturers such as Arcelor Mittal or Engie would already be users of this product which could be spread on construction sites of BTP given the general rise in temperatures and of the occurrence of phenomena of heat more frequently.


The documentation of the company announces a price to the public of 235 € for a CryoVest with eight packs First-Ice and 72 € for a battery pack additional. The price to pay to prevent overheating and improve productivity ?

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